Sex Diary: TV Reporter Wanting To Know About The Woman Date’s Girl

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asks unknown area dwellers to record weekly in their gender lives — with comic, tragic, often sexy, and always revealing outcomes. Recently, a 26-year-old television reporter seeing someone in a ten-year union: 26, straight, FiDi.

time ONE

9 a.m.

We roll-out of sleep dragging my foot. I am a reporter for an area television section. I’m delighted We arrived in nyc for my basic work after graduating, but splitting news isn’t my personal energy — I prefer human-interest tales. My personal mommy forced tv on me personally as I started college. I don’t have a regional feature and other people start thinking about myself more attractive than the majority of (I do, as well), and so I decided to provide an attempt.

10 a.m.

Shooting in Brooklyn for my personal very first story throughout the day. I dislike the topic. How come busting development usually very depressing? It is energizing to pay for a fluffy tale once in sometime. As a black lady from SoCal, its exciting to be in Ny — but development is just exhausting.

10:30 a.m.

The lawyer we found during a court tale the other day messages me personally:

Hey hot stuff

. Let’s call him Mark. He is quirky, a white man. I love quirky. He’s in addition good-looking, with really straight teeth. We make intentions to get products tomorrow. I’m eager for it, and that I have no idea when it’s because You will findn’t had intercourse since March or because I actually like him slightly. Maybe both.


We simply take limited split to obtain meal. Since news doesn’t stop, we never ever have a proper lunch break, just downtime between stories. We decide against a BLT and acquire a spinach salad with black colored beans. A lovely white man lets myself come in front of him in line and we also start flirting some. Until I relocated to New York, I never ever dated white dudes. I was raised in a pretty varied, middle-class residential district neighborhood. There had been an abundance of white men in my twelfth grade and school — internet dating interracially was actually simply anything I didn’t actually start thinking about. But throughout the two small years i have been right here, i have outdated a really diverse selection of males.

8:36 p.m.

I’m home. We disseminate on sofa and take-off my bra (the best part of arriving home is freeing the tits). Some guy I installed with recently texts me — i am lured to receive him over, but we come together. In which he’s hitched. Doubly adverse. The emails are flirty, following I have bored stiff and disregard him.

DAY pair

9 a.m.

We awaken with a factor to my head: It’s monday and I also would like to get inebriated.

3 p.m.

Mark and I propose to satisfy at 8 p.m. for margaritas. The guy texts me to let me know that his attorney buddies would be truth be told there. I tell him to let myself understand when he’s all in all with these people. I am very outbound, but I really don’t feel like in any embarrassing social interactions tonight.

6:56 p.m.

You will find an alteration of heart and book Mark to inform him I don’t mindful meet their pals.

8:38 p.m.

I roll in to the club later but every person’s also intoxicated to care and attention. Mark presents us to their friends. They can be immediately complimenting me personally … also their female buddies. I’m cautious with women. Sometimes ladies get strange around appealing ladies — even the ones that equally attractive.

11 p.m.

After several tequila tonics (cannot bump it until such time you test it), I’m experiencing great. Their friends dwindle even as we sit at the club, speaing frankly about all of our backgrounds. We ask if he’s outdated a black woman before. He’s got and claims competition is not a huge thing to him. It’s not a big deal to me either — i simply haven’t any fascination with becoming anybody’s “experiment” or ebony dream. Drunkenly, I make sure he understands in regards to the wedded guy where you work. The guy doesn’t appear to be he is judging myself, possibly because he’s a decade more than me.


Our body vocabulary is extremely sexual. I am seated near him along with his leg is between my legs. I excuse my self to attend the bathroom. My personal panties are slimy.

12:06 a.m.

I-come back and sit down. Instantly, the guy blurts completely, “We have a girlfriend.” The guy explains that he thinks i am really rather and then he wants to get acquainted with me personally. He says he’s been together with sweetheart 36 months … as well as live together. Today I just wanna go home.

12:20 a.m.

I am giving him the quiet treatment and trying to puzzle out everything I needs to do. I actually do really like him — but I need to consider a lot more when I’m sober. I simply tell him i am leaving and obtain an Uber. His feelings seem injured. Good. Fuck him.

12:23 a.m.

My personal Uber is nine mins away and he’s wishing with me. I am thinking about jumping in a cab. He holds my waist and brings me personally toward him. We’re both drunk and I also’m sexy. The guy attempts to kiss me, but I change out with his lips land back at my neck … which is my personal area. We switch my head toward him, but then my Uber’s here, thus I take away.


12 p.m.

I adore tequila. It never gives me personally a hangover.

3 p.m.

I really don’t actually know things to label of yesterday. I really like Mark a large number, but just just as in my co-worker, NOTHING will happen from an individual who isn’t offered. Mark features texted me three times since I have woke up. He states he desires “more” of me.

5 p.m.

We opt to text Mark back. The guy replies instantly which he desires see myself. But i can not this evening — We have programs with some guy we came across on a tale. He is in his 40s, also a legal professional. He is separated and also affluent. I really like older males for several explanations, but mainly because they truly are thus developed. We’re going to contact this option Gerald.

9 p.m.

Gerald and I also have dinner at the Capital Grille. He is thus smart. I prefer him, but not adequate to have sex with him — yet.

10 p.m.

I am bored stiff and contemplating Mark. We wrap-up with Gerald and mind home.

11 p.m.

Nevertheless considering Mark. We ask yourself if his penis is actually huge?


10 a.m.

Gerald directs myself a sweet message while I awaken: “loved investing yesterday night to you, breathtaking, delight in your day.” We ignore it.


Mark messages to see if I’m right up for a film. We simply tell him You will find a quick day tomorrow and suggest we pursue I have down. He tells me it varies according to their court schedule but that tomorrow might work.

7 p.m.

Absolutely nothing’s really happening: I spend remaining night-watching


and eating Grubhub (sesame chicken with fried rice and a veggie egg roll).

time FIVE

1 p.m.

Mark messages and states now really works. We make intends to meet on AMC on 34th Street later.

1:30 p.m.

My workday has ended in 30 minutes and I also’m acquiring antsy. My mind is roaming … i do want to understand what Mark’s gf appears to be. Twenty minutes of social-media “research” afterwards, I have found this lady. She is an important prosecutor also it appears to be they are collectively almost a decade, not three. I’m pleased I found all this work details, specifically since there isn’t any trace of the lady on his abandoned Instagram. She actually is super-successful, a semi-cute blonde which appears a tiny bit bland … Really don’t like how I’m feeling.

3 p.m.

He’s later part of the, and I still never really know things to make of the circumstance. At this stage, it really is seriously the intrigue that is driving me personally. I purchase my ticket and some nachos and go to the movie theater. You will find one tiny bottle of bourbon for him and tequila for myself. I pour the tequila into a half-cup of soft drink. The guy at long last strolls in.

5:15 p.m.

The film’s over, therefore’re seriously tipsy. I’m naughty and commence kissing his neck, nevertheless credit tend to be going and lights seriously. We attend the movie theater until everybody else leaves. He requires their dick out and I inhale a sigh of relief: It’s medium-size, but thick. Great. I am petting it and decide to go down on him … but individuals start filing in for the second movie. I quickly sit up. The guy rushes to cover himself together with his briefcase.

6 p.m.

We start walking back toward his office. Personally I think weird. We hug good-bye and he grabs my personal butt. Exactly who knew white males liked asses a great deal?


10 a.m.

At work 24 hours later, I nonetheless believe odd about yesterday. He has a girlfriend!


Mark texts and asks whenever we can grab an early on supper. We tell him about a Mexican bistro near my apartment. I don’t know …

3 p.m.

Press conference about a stabbing that took place for the Bronx. Yada yada.

5 p.m.

I’m wrapping up work and taking into consideration the movie theatre again. Gerald messages to inquire of easily’m free of charge for dinner. We lay and make sure he understands I have to do overtime.

6 p.m.

In an Uber heading to the cafe in which I’m fulfilling Mark. I am taking a look at their gf’s fb page. There are a lot of outdated photos of those together, going back to 2007 — they must have satisfied in law school. They look delighted collectively. I ask yourself what type of individual she is and where she spent my youth. What do they are doing from the vacations? Contemplating their particular life together starts to generate myself feel insecure. The vehicle pulls around the bistro, and I easily clear my search record, in the event.

6:20 p.m.

Mark is within an unit waiting for me with an attempt of tequila. Classy. He’s sporting a suit and carrying his briefcase since he merely originated court. We carry out several shots and stumble to my apartment.

7 p.m.

We change into girl boxers and a tank. We jokingly make sure he understands to not ever enjoy but he does. We are to my chair talking primarily about his relationship. I ask him why he cheats on his sweetheart. He does not give me personally an obvious answer; the insecure sensation actually starts to creep straight back. The guy provides myself a long, deep-kiss. I get up-and slide my shorts off. He grabs me personally from trailing and grinds his cock on me. The guy requires his garments down therefore kiss until we end up to my bed. He goes down on me — I really don’t specially like their oral, but we appreciate the effort. I fake several moans and take him up. He kisses my throat then teases their penis into me … I can’t get my breath, its so excellent, very nearly too-good. I come hard, he then keeps going until he finishes back at my belly. We grab a shower collectively and then he requires me personally easily need a shower limit. He’s therefore white, LOL.

8 p.m.

I believe unfortunate because he isn’t keeping more than. I think the guy senses it and kisses my temple. Maybe not the forehead hug! After he will leave, the guy texts to express he planned to remain. I text him straight back a sad face. Their girlfriend is actually lucky.

10 p.m.

I’m actually sad. To manufacture myself have more confidence, we Google, “exactly why do guys cheat?” Results: guys have progressed to distribute their seed. All males cheat. ALL guys CHEAT. I go to fall asleep with him on my head. Personally I think clingy. I kinda in the morning.

time SEVEN

10 a.m.

Get up and grab a banana. I am definitely going to be later part of the to focus. Ugh.


Gerald and I also verify intends to see a Broadway show later on. He is nice.

2 p.m.

Work, work, work, work, work

, during my Rihanna voice …

2:10 p.m.

Mark messages that he wants to see me. I know absolutely nothing comes out-of our small scandal. We deserve better. I am smart, very, and effective adequate for my age. We choose to disregard his book.

3:30 p.m.

I grab Shake Shack for a late meal. Mid-bite, Mark texts me, “???” we react, “Your gf is lucky: You’re amusing and you’ve got great intercourse. I know i will catch feelings.”

4 p.m.

He writes right back, “Are you suggesting we prevent? I don’t desire to be unjust for your requirements.”  We simply tell him I want him to respond to that. He responds and indicates we get a rest and view in which we’re at in two weeks. I consent …

7 p.m.

Gerald and that I get see a show. I am distracted with views of Mark. Gerald keeps patting my personal leg in an amiable way. I like Gerald because he looks truly focused on my personal wellness, nevertheless situation feels some sugar-daddyish. We question the length of time their generosity last without me personally having sexual intercourse with him?

9:15 p.m.

The play concludes and now we grab a cab to Hillstone, where we share a plate of sushi and a container of rosé. Midway through meal, he’s tipsy — or acting truly like it — and requires just what my personal favorite intercourse place is. I fake-laugh it off but recognize appropriate next that I’m never attending make love with him. After dinner, the guy requires me if I want to see their condo, and that’s close. I lay and tell him i must be upwards very early. The guy does not argue it and hails a taxi for me personally. I give him a tiny complimentary hug throughout the lips. I’m going to be overlooking their phone calls and communications from now on. Hopefully, I’ll fulfill someone on another story — an individual who’s solitary, who willn’t generate me personally feel a call girl.

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